How to Run a PHP Program in XAMPP (Windows 10)


Run a PHP Program in XAMPP:- If you’re a sort of who runs their program under PHP, then you’ll have dropped on the proper place. As on this article, we’re going to share with you the strategyby which you’ll be capable of Run a PHP Program in XAMPP.

What’s PHP Program?
PHP is the abbreviation for Hypertext Pre-processor, which in the former instances stood for Private House Pages. A PHP Program is a server-side scripting language which is used to expand dynamic or static internetsites or net apps.

This PHP Program can be made to run in various servers that have already got a PHP installed like- WAMP, that is an internetdevelopment server that aids in creating dynamic net apps and XAMPP, a free open deliver cross-platform internet server.

The right way to Run a PHP Program in XAMPP?

Given under is the approach to run a PHP application in XAMPP server.

Step 1:- To start to run a PHP software in XAMPP, firstly Set up XAMPP.

Step 2:- In case you have gotput in XAMPP in C Drive. For this, visit C:XAMPPhtdocs.

Step 3:- Subsequent, create a modern day folder ‘androidjungles’.

Step 4:- Create first PHP application in XAMPP after which identify it- ‘add.Php’

Step 5:- Then, at the desktop, double-click on on XAMPP Management Panel and Begin ‘Apache’.

Step 6:- Now, type localhost at the browser and hit enter button.

Step 7:- On the browser, subsequent you’ll have to type- https://localhost/androidjungles/

Step 8:- Lastly, press the ‘add.Php’.

Hope you all understood the approach to run a PHP program in XAMPP. In case of any doubts or questions, do tell us within theobservation field underneath. Observe our page- Android Jungles for added such articles or you may even enroll in our guide and achievenicely timed notifications of our posts.