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Guidlines and measures to be taken by Ministries/ Departments of
Government of India, State/Union Territory Governments and Statel Union
Territory Authorities for containment of COvID-19 Epidemic inside the Country.

1. Offices of the Government of India, its Autonomous/ Subordinate Offices and Public

Corporations shall remain closed.
Defence, central amed police forces, treasury, public utilities (along with petroleum,
CNG, LPG, PNG), catastrophe management, energytechnology and transmission devices,
post places of work, National Informatics Centre, Early Waning Agencies

2. Offices of the Statel Union Teritory Govemments, their Autonomous Bodies,

Corporations, etc. Shall stay closed.

a. Police, home guards, civil defence, fire and emergency offeringscatastrophe

management, and prisons.
B. District administration and Treasury
C. Electricity, water, sanitation
d. Municipal bodies-Only staf required for vitalofferings like sanitation,

employeesrelated to water supply etc

The above ofices (St No 1& 2) have towork with minimalquantity of employees. All

other officescan alsomaintain to paintings-from-home only.

3. Hospitals and all relatedscientificinstitutionsinclusive of their manufacturing and
distribution deviceseach in public and personal sector, including dispensaries, chemist
and scientificgadget shops, laboratories, clinics, nursing homes, ambulance etc.

Will holdto remain functional. The transportation for all scientificpersonnel,

nurses, para-clinical staff, other medical institutionguideofferings be pemitted.

4. Commercial and privateestablishmentswill be closed down.


a.Shops, Indluding ration shops (under PDS), coping with food, groceries,
fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish, animal fodder.

However, district authoites mayencourage and facilitate home dellvery to

decrease the motion of individuals outdoor their homes.
B. Banks, insurance workplaces, and ATMs.
C. Print and electronic media

d. Telecommunications, internetservices, broadcasting and cable offerings. IT
and IT enabled Services only (for essentialservices) and as a ways as possible

work from nome.

E. Delivery of all vital goods together with food, pharmaceuticals, clinical

devicethru E-commerce.
F Petrol pumps, LPG, Petroleum and gas retail and garage outlets.
9. Power technology, transmission and distribution devices and sevices.
H. Capital and debt market offerings as notified by using the Secunties and Exchange